Senior Portrait Session | Charlotte & Savannah

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Untitled photo

I really want to write something light and uplifting as a tribute to the youth about to enter adulthood this year, but it's hard to do that without acknowledging what they've been through. Every class of graduates has had to navigate the sometimes painful and nuanced world of social politics, while trying to balance fun and responsibility. This time in life is supposed to be a right of passage. Our kids should be preoccupied with proms and parties, sporting events, road trips, and college tours, but this pandemic has robbed them of their normal Senior year experience. And for whatever reason, those few years of high school leave a big impression on most people. The friends made, the experiences and trials had, all while subtly breaking away from childhood. High School sticks with us and  has a big impact on who we eventually become. Besides all of that, this class still carries the burden of  trying to determine what direction their lives will take in the future.    

Now for the silver lining. As a photographer,  I wanted to still be able to offer senior shoots like this one because, unlike a lot of other rite's of passage, this one is still possible. I believe this year's class of graduates unwittingly embodies bravery and resiliency after all they've been through so they deserve something fun to mark this time. Take these two gorgeous girls, Charlotte and Savannah. They have been best friends since childhood and approached their senior shoot like it was an editorial for VOGUE. We were in a public park where most visitors were wearing hiking shoes and some type of athletic wear along with their masks. These two both confidently floated down uneven walkways and hiking trails like it was a NYC runway until we reached our dilapidated greenhouse location not once caring that they maybe looked slightly overdressed for the setting. 

They both loved the look of the abandoned, broken down greenhouse. How could you not?  It was so beautiful with it's chipping brick and wild climbing vines. I think it really helped highlight what this year has been like for a lot of people. It looks like a train wreck at first glance but you have to find what's beautiful about it anyway. Now place vibrant, intelligent, talented young ladies in the scene and voila. Magic!    

This generation will bounce back. Once all of this social distancing crap is in the rearview mirror they will embrace what's out there. I know they are just biding their time to shake it all off and have some fun! 

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