Maxwell Steven

I don't even know where to begin with this tiny guy!  All I can say is I've dreamed of this photo session for a long time. I am so unbelievably happy for my good friends, Sara & Chris, who have been waiting to adopt their second child and now are so incredibly happy to welcome Maxwell Steven into their beautiful family. Max's big sister Sloane (6 yrs) has been a constant source of inspiration to me, both because of her stellar personality and because she is incredibly photogenic.

This photo session was really special. Sloane was my assistant for this shoot. She was ready with his binky and bottle or just quietly watched with a sweet grin on her face while I settled Max and photographed him. She told me all about how much she loves him and how she's going to teach him 3+3 and the alphabet. She even described what he was thinking as he made different facial expressions! "Ohh that face means he's really happy. Oh wait, now he thinks we are funny.. Wait I think that face means he's hungry... or gassy?!" She was awesome! 

Congratulations to the whole family!!!

We love you MAX!

Max and Sloane

First Mate ;)

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