Clare Cruz | Maternity Session

Long Beach Island, NJ

This past January I drove down to the New Jersey Shore to meet up with a friend and her sister for a maternity session. Most people imagine a beach session filled with warm glowing sunlight and blue skies. This wasn't the case. This particular day in January was gray and freezing with heavy clouds looming overhead. It wasn't cold enough for those clouds to release snow, just cold enough to leave an ache in all your extremities.

Much like the day that surrounded us, Clare carries a heavy burden and I don't mean the baby boy that she will soon bring into the world. The burden Clare carries is one of grief. This gorgeous mother-to-be lost her husband, Juan Carlos, this past October. Despite the freezing cold, the gray skies and the painful absence of her most beloved husband, Clare stood in the midst of it all and smiled, cradling the baby boy in her belly.  She became all the color and the warmth this day was lacking.

~ Clare you are an inspiration. Your baby boy is so very lucky he's going to have you as a mama.

Much Love,


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