Of course there are a lot of unscripted moments in life and sometimes I am lucky enough to have a camera handy. This is the place where I share the not so professional side of photography. If you need a laugh or just want to remember that life isn't always perfect check back here and I promise it will make you smile.    

Just for FUN!

  • Fashion ANIMAL
  • Not Sure what this pose is...
  • Church Notre-Dame-des-Victoires | Quebec, CANADA
  • Perfect shirt... Good things come to those who {practice}
  • Ben- "A Crawfish just ran across my foot..."
  • Totally worth the $2.50 for some pirate fun.
  • Nickum
  • When your baby sister attacks you just brace yourselves and hope dad is able to grab the stick out of her tiny little death grip in time!
  • Cousins Abby and Tanner flying off the giant floating party bar!
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