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As a natural light photographer, I have been patiently waiting for the return of warm, light-filled afternoons as I tend to get creatively challenged throughout winter. Now enter Tiffany Pedone, owner of G.I Juice and Java in Buckingham, PA.  I have been Tiffany's family photographer for years and I love working with her.  She has incredible drive and determination when she puts her mind to something so when she asked me if I could come take some lifestyle and personal branding photos of her newly opened juice shop, I jumped at the chance! From the moment I stepped into the shop, I felt  transported into summer. The time we spent shooting was very relaxed and fun. Besides getting to take pictures and spend time with the crew, I learned a little more about G.I Juice's mission which is to help the community improve their health by making raw juice and other super foods available while  doing their part by striving to be zero waste. I love the idea of working towards sustainability through partnerships with local farmers and vendors within your community. Of course this meant that I had to do my part... In the form of eating a perfectly delicious matcha green tea infused homemade waffle covered in blueberries...I promise we didn't waste one bite!!! I also got to try a delicious green smoothie made from spinach, dates, fresh fruit and green tea powder. Soooo good!

I promise it won't matter what time of year you step in to G.I Juice and Java, it's warm, friendly and very chic with beautiful live-edge wood benches and counters. It is a great place to hang out with a friend or bring your kids (there's a cute little spot in the shop with kid sized stools and a chalkboard for tiny artists). 

 Go there and find out for yourself!


P.S. This waffle is going to visit you in your dreams!       


Website | www.gijuiceco.com

Instagram | @gijuiceco


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