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Important Note: This is for all the picture takers of the family!  Chances are you've scheduled this session because you take lots of pictures all year but you want to exist in images of your family too, and not just from behind the camera. This  why I highly recommend you start the styling with YOU! Find something that makes you feel amazing and work from there. You can thank me later! 


1. The Season: 

You want to be comfortable and look like you are dressed not only for the weather but for the setting.  Start by picturing yourself in the setting. If your at the beach, the mountains, a field or a city scape, try imagining yourself there. 

2.  The Fit: 

Find something that is flattering. You want to look and feel your best and that starts with fit. You'll want to feel free to move around in the setting and interact with your loved ones.  It's normal to feel a little camera shy, on the other hand you definitely want to avoid feeling self conscious solely because you picked the wrong thing to wear.

If you need to constantly re-adjust something or your scared you'll have a wardrobe malfunction, you'll be distracted from having fun and living in the moment. Keep in mind that if your bra straps are showing they will stay showing unless you want to pay extra to have them photoshopped out of every image

3.  The Color and Pattern

If your session is in the fall, depending on the timing of leaves changing you could have  a radiant, colorful, backdrop in which case I'd go for neutrals so you pop against the colorful background. If your session is past the bright colors and leaves have already fallen don't fret, this is your chance to add in color that will pop against a soft neutral background . You can also go for a tone on tone look. That's when all the colors are in the same family and you go for different lightness and darknesses of the same basic color, just like a paint swatch.            


Tips for styling outfits for families & larger groups.

Consider the setting -

Pick your outfit first! -  I highly recommend you pick your outfit first. It's much easier to build coordinating outfits for a whole family if you start with an outfit that you love on yourself. Once you do that you can build from there.

Coordinate colors  but don't necessarily match.

Patterns and Prints are ok if kept minimal.  

Let your kiddos have a little say. Pictures tell a story, that's why it's important for everyone to show a little personality in their outfits. The story they tell will be a little window into who they are at that moment in time.

Fit is important    ...

Try on your outfits in advance.

If one person's outfit is mainly solids then feel free to layer in patterns and textures throughout the family that compliment their attire. 


Layers and Texture:  Layering in different textures can create visual interest and depth. 

Don’t forget accessories!  Jewelry, headbands, scarfs, suspenders, vests, overalls etc. Now don't go crazy just one or two thoughtfully selected items will      will take your ensemble to the next level. 

Good luck! 

If you get stuck, don’t worry, I'm here to help. Let them know if you’re stuck.

I highly recommend you pick your outfit first. It's much easier to build coordinating outfits for a whole family if you start with an outfit that you love on yourself. Once you do that you can build from there.


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TONE ON TONE  definition: to mean working within a general color and manipulating this color with fabrics, tints, shades and tones of the same basic color making it lighter or darker and blending textures to create interest and variety

Planning outfits using the colors and tones found in nature creates a very clean and natural feel. The subjects are so subtly balanced with their surroundings it gives the image a soft ethereal quality.  I just love her thin yellow belt!  It gives the perfect little pop of unexpected color. Just enough to create interest without drawing too much attention away from the emotion the couple is sharing. 

Bold Colors

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Brights & Neutrals

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