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Newborn Session

WELCOME to my newborn information page!

This is the place to find out what to expect when you schedule a newborn session. New moms and families have a lot on their plate as it is so feel free to check in here at any time and use it as a reference to answer any and all of your questions!


1. The Setting: If your newborn session is taking place in your home remember that the setting tells part of the story. Don't worry about making everything perfect. Just clear out distracting elements and make sure your bed is made! If you are like most new moms you've probably done your fair share of nesting. Maybe you had a baby shower and got lots of great stuff. If those items haven't found a home yet try to hide them and stage your home for the pictures so your family can be the center of attention.

2.Getting Baby Ready:Make sure to keep the babies diaper comfortably loose the morning of the session so it doesn't create marks on their delicate skin.  This goes for all clothing like socks and hats etc. If you want baby to stay peaceful or even  sleep for some of the pictures think about that when choosing clothing items. Some onezies are very difficult to get on and off. Try to chose something soft and comfortable that is easy to get on and off. 

3. Feedings and Diapering. It's usually a good idea to feed the baby 15  minutes before the session time begins. This will give them a chance to be burped and settle down. It will also help you relax knowing you won't have to worry about it for   a little while. Accidents with spit up and/or diapers changes will inevitably happen, so it's a good idea to have a few backup outfits ready. I will be prepared with extra swaddles and waterproof bedding if necessary. If we need to stop for you to feed the baby  at any point during the session that is no problem. I can set the camera down for a bit or we can capture images of you nursing. Whatever is most comfortable for you and your family.      

4. Baby Style: Keeping it simple is the name of the game. Newborns are covered with the most incredible dainty details like tiny fingers and toes, wrinkles, dimples, and soft little waves of hair. Each detail is truly wondrous.You have plenty of time to dress them up in a million and one cute outfits. Chances are if you like my style than you are already drawn to a simple, natural aesthetic. I love clean, neutral colors because they wont detract from those amazing details that make your newborn so special. Natural fabrics are best. If you want to create interest do it with textures like linen, silk, cotton or lace. These are all wonderful ways of styling your sweet little person. They are also timeless so you wont have to worry about the clothing going out of style. 

5. Room Temperature:  The morning of your session you may need to adjust the thermostat. Remember your baby just left a very warm snugly place and if you want them comfortable and less fussy try to keep the room warm. I recommend between 75 and 78 degrees.               


As soon as I enter your home I will most likely ask for a tour.  Be sure to show me any special places that are important to you. This will give me an idea where I should be concentrating my attention and also allow me to take a mental note of the light and windows in those spaces. After that I will guide you and the session in the most relaxed way possible. You never need to stress out about any portion of the session. I understand completely the rawness and vulnerability of bringing new life into the world. I will do my very best to be as peaceful and patient as you need.  


Typically I begin with combinations of mom and baby, sibling(s) and baby, daddy and baby etc. I almost always go with the siblings and baby first especially if the sibling is little (younger than 5). They typically have a bit less patience when it come to photography. I have lots of experience in this area as a mother of four myself, so you can relax in knowing I will be very conscientious of their attention span. Once the sibling shots are captured we would move on to all the other combinations and then end with photographs of the baby alone.

Individual Newborn Portraits

These are the photographs of the baby alone. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. Sometimes baby is all by themselves in an image (with mom or dad just outside the shot to keep them safe) and other times mom or dad's hands are in the shot but the focus is still the infant. I work slowly and carefully allowing families to relax and feel comfortable. I will give you clear and simple instructions when needed and I always put baby's safety first. 


Your main focus will be to dote on that sweet baby and the person you created this family with. Just allowing the emotions to flow through you freely is the best advice I can give. Connection is what we are going for. I will be watching for those gentle little touches and sweet caresses between you, your little one and all your loved ones. So don't forget to look at them and remember you did this together and just live in the moment. Smooches and affection are encouraged. ; )  

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