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Newborn Session

Newborn sessions are a personal favorite of mine. I can't express enough how incredibly honored I feel to be invited into one of the most emotionally charged experiences of someone's life.  The birth of child can make a new mother feel completely raw and vulnerable. Two things I happen to think are incredibly beautiful. Everyone's stories leading to this moment are different but we all share one common thing and that is that a new life has expanded your heart and soul in ways you never thought possible.

As a mother myself, I remember feeling uneasy each time someone wanted to hold my newborn. As your photographer I take all the care that I would as if I were holding and caring for my own. I do my best to make sure families are comfortable, relaxed,  and do my best to anticipate mother and baby's needs.

How to prepare for a newborn session

-Make sure baby's diaper and clothing are loose fitting at least the 2 hours before your  session time. This allows their skin to be minimally blemished so we can admire all the sweet details mother nature intended. Diaper and clothing lines can take a long time to fade from skin, which translates to a lot of time and effort in Photoshop which can be an unnecessary added expense.

-A well fed, well burped, sleepy baby is the most relaxed. Try to feed them about 30 minutes prior to the session. This also gives them a little time to digest and get comfortable.

-If possible try to keep them awake leading up to the session so that they are nice and tired when we start.

-If the session is to take place in your home take a quick look around and remove distracting objects from the background. Don't worry about making it spotless, just keep in mind that we want the focus on you and your little one.

-Keep it toasty. Newborns are used to 90+ degree environment (aka a womb) so kick up your thermostat especially if you want sweet little nude baby pictures. I recommend about 78 degrees. (I may bring a space heater too especially if it's in a cool season)

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