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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the COVID-19 Safety measures in place for school photography?

All photos will be taken outdoors in a designated area. There will only be one photographer present on picture day. All necessary health checks will observed prior to Picture Day. The main photographer will maintain a distance of 6-10 ft from the children at all times. If your child should require any assistance, like help posing, fixing stray hairs etc. it will be provided by their teacher only.  

What if my child is feeling shy or anxious?

I realize how intimidating it can be for young children to have a stranger with a camera standing in front of them asking them to smile for the camera, so I always begin by introducing myself. Then I try my best to make them feel relaxed and comfortable so they are able to share a genuine bit of their personality. Some children are ready and willing to share a wide variety of expressions, while others are a little more reserved. I never pressure them. I always try my best to let them be who they are so I can capture their personality during this precious time when they are little.


Welcome to your School Portrait ordering page

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Hello GFS Families,

  My name is Dori LaRiviere and this is my 3rd year as GFS school's portrait photographer! I have been a family photographer for over 10 years and photographing children and families is my passion. All four of my children are former GFS students. They loved their time here and I am so happy to still be a small part of the community by photographing it's young students. I am committed to providing  high quality images while allowing each child to shine in their own way. Your children's safety is of utmost concern during these challenging times and as such I will be following all CDC guidelines for safety.              

Please take a moment to read through the information below. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me via email using the button on the top left.     



1. Click the VIEW GALLERY button above

2. Put your EMAIL ADDRESS in when prompted. This will allow you access to the School Gallery along with giving you the ability to select your favorite images, order from the shopping cart and save preferences for later visits. It also allows me to send you reminders before the gallery expires.

Email addresses will not be saved for future use unless you request to be added to Dori Lariviere Photography mailing list.

3. Once in the main gallery, FIND YOUR CHILD'S ALBUM by searching for their LAST NAME in alphabetical order.  

4. Enter your PASSWORD. The password for your child's album is their four digit birth month and day as shown below. 

Example: If a child was born on August,10th, their password would be: 0810

*If you have siblings in the same gallery use the birth date of the first child listed for your password. The print order deadline will   be announced soon after the gallery is released! I will be sending reminders every few days to help you keep an eye on that deadline so you don't miss out!

To access the shopping cart

Click on any image in your album. A "buy photo" button or a shopping cart icon will appear. Click either and you will be taken to the shopping cart.

~If you are ordering prints be sure to select the individual image you want printed. It will show you which image was selected in your shopping cart so you can double check before the final payment section appears. 

~If you are ordering an Individual Digital File be sure to select the specific image you want to download.

~If you are ordering the Complete Digital Album of images you can select any image in the gallery to complete the purchase and all images will be sent to you as a download.


Print Collection 1 | $28.00

​  (2) 5x7's, (8) wallets 

*one pose, may not combine multiple images

Print Collection 2 | $40.00

(2) 5x7's, (8) wallets (1) 8x10

*one pose, may not combine multiple images

Print Collection 3 | $72.00

(6) 5x7 , (2) 8x10's 

*combine  your favorite images with this option 


Individual digital files | $25 each

Complete digital album for one child*  | $75 

Complete digital albums for 2 children*, 

plus their sibling album | $95 

*Promo Code for 50% off prints will be sent after digital album sale is complete

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à la carte PRINTS

8- wallets ​$12.00

1- 5x7 ​$10.00

1- 8x10 ​$15.00

1- 11x14 ​$25.00

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