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Hello Gwynedd Friends Families,

  My name is Dori LaRiviere. I have been photographing children and families for over 10 years. I am committed to providing high quality images while allowing each child to shine in their own way.      

   Please take a moment to read through the information below. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me via email using the button on the top left.

50% OFF PRINTS if you purchase your student's FULL DIGITAL COLLECTION.

The Gwynedd Friends School Gallery is LIVE!!!  Prints and Digital files may be purchased online over the next 10 days.

The gallery will close on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 17th at midnight!

Should you choose to purchase your student's digital collection you will be sent a COUPON CODE to get 50% Off PRINTS. The code may be shared with friends and family for purchases in your student's album only. 

Please refrain from sharing watermarked screenshot of your gallery images. If you purchase digital files they belong to you and you may use them however you like! 


1. Click the VIEW GALLERY button above.

2. Put your EMAIL ADDRESS in when prompted. This will allow you access to the School Gallery along with giving you the ability to select your favorite images, order from the shopping cart and save preferences for later visits. It also allows me to send you reminders before the gallery expires.

3.FIND YOUR CHILD'S ALBUM by searching for their LAST NAME in alphabetical order.  

4. Enter your PASSWORD. The password for your child's album is their four digit birth month and day as shown below. 

Example: If a child was born on August, 10th their password would be: 0810

*If you have siblings in the same gallery use the birth date of the first child listed for your password. The print order deadline will   be announced soon after the gallery is released! I will be sending reminders every few days to help you keep an eye on that deadline so you don't miss out!



Print Collection 1 | $32.00

‚Äč  (2) 5x7's, (8) wallets 

*one pose, may not combine multiple images

Print Collection 2 | $45.00

(2) 5x7's, (8) wallets (1) 8x10

*one pose, may not combine multiple images

Print Collection 3 | $75.00

(8) wallets (6) 5x7 , (2) 8x10's 

*combine your favorite images with this option 

Individual digital files | $35 each

Complete digital album for one child*  | $85

(Includes Class Composite)

Complete digital albums for 2 children*, 

plus their sibling album | $105 

(Includes Class Composite for each student) 

Complete digital albums for 3  children*, 

plus their sibling album | $145 

(Includes Class Composite for each student)

Complete digital albums for 4 children*, plus their sibling album | $175

 (Includes Class Composite download for each student)

Step 1. This is how a private student album appears.

Step 2. You can hover over any image and click the star to select as a favorite or click the shopping cart symbol to select that image for purchase.

Step 3. Once you are in the shopping cart you can chose a print PACKAGE or select the ITEMS to chose digitals files for downloading.

Step 4. Make sure you if you are ordering a singel digital file you have the exact image you want in your cart. If you are ordering the full set you can select any image in the gallery and you will be given all of them after comepletion of sale.

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