It's no doubt that in-home lifestyle photography sessions are a trend right now. And for good reason....they're pretty awesome. For instance, you don't have to worry about the weather. Which is a pretty big deal in areas that have pretty extreme Texas or Alaska. Plus, usually your photographer can be a lot more flexible with the time of the shoot, since we don't have to worry about golden hour. Also, usually young kids are a lot more comfortable and able to be themselves, which is REALLY important for any photography session. If you are wondering if a lifestyle session is right for you, read this article about determining if it would be a good fit for your family. If you already know an in-home lifestyle photography sessions sounds perfect for your family, then we've got some tips and steps to take to make the session (and leading up to the session) a smooth and dare we say, fun experience! For those of you that enjoy checklists...we've got the same steps organized into a checklist printable that you can download and use yourself! Scroll down to the bottom of this post to download. Also, if you're a photographer reading this post, feel free to download and share this with your own clients! It would be a great resource for them. Think about your 'why'. What do you plan to do with these photos...hang them on your wall? Make an album or book?

A: Stroll & Smile

Invite the family to stand in a line, hold hands, and slowly stroll toward you. For a less-posed look, tell them to look at one another instead of at you. (“It’s okay to laugh!”)

B: Stand & Snuggle

At the end of their stroll, ask them to snuggle close. Maybe one or two of the children are little and should be held by the parents. Make slight adjustments as necessary, but you’ll likely find that the family naturally finds a “pose” that looks beautiful in a well-composed, well-exposed photograph.

C: Sit & Snuggle

Now invite the family to sit – right where they are. You may need to tweak their positions so they’re close together. Place kids in laps, or have a younger child stand with her arms around a parent’s shoulders. Encourage everyone to connect and interact in a natural way.

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