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Lariviere Family Session | Gwynedd Wildlife Preserve

I finally got my own family out for a session! Victory!!!

We had all the normal hang ups of a typical family photo shoot.  There were fashion crises beforehand, like tangled hair and missing shoes, but we got ourselves out the door and over to the Wildlife Preserve.  It was beautiful as always, a little overcast but that wasn't a problem. The kids had fun running down the long paths looking for interesting things along the way. I think we were all so relaxed in our surroundings we hadn't noticed Nora ditching her dress so she could run around in her diaper. This kid loves being naked whenever and wherever possible.

Aside from a few tears and everyone getting hungry towards the end, it was a huge success! We laughed, and goofed off and I think the highlight of the afternoon was Nora being in charge of the remote shutter release for the family portraits. It made for some pretty funny candid shots. I am so happy we made it happen. I love these guys and feel blessed everyday to share life with them.

I am really looking forward to client photo sessions this fall.  Getting out there with my own family allowed me to get inside my own head to better understand what people really want out of a session.  It is all about those little moments where you interact with each other. That's what's important. The smiles, the hugs, the laughter, and of course the naked baby.

xo,   Dori

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